Zé Vito

After great repercussion of his concerts and albums in Brazil, the singer, composer and producer, winner of the Saraiva Brasil Award as “Best Independent Album of 2014”, Zé Vito settles in Lisbon. The singer and guitarist has in his resume features with greate names of the Brazilian music such as Luiz Melodia, Otto, Jards Macalé or Céu and also worked beside Tony Allen and Oghene Kologbo, icons of the Afrobeat and members of the African band África 70 of Fela Kuti. March 10th Zé Vito was present in Lleida, at the Músiques Disperses festival, were he made a huge success. Was an unforgettable night, with nice Spanish reviews: “Zé Vito presented his two works, played new and future themes. Like a futebol player, he placed the audience in the pocket and with the impudence of the typical Brazilian, left an amazing flavor on the mouth”. Zé Vito offers to take the Portuguese audience on an unforgettable journey through his three albums. His discographic works are filled with an unmistakable mixture of Brazilian music, with folk and afrobeat influences and with elements from the regional Brazilian music created by the singers from Moda de Viola, dress with the modernity of Indie Music.

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