Pedro Jóia

Began studying guitar at 7 with Professor Paulo Valente Pereira at Academia de Amadores de Música in Portugal. At 14 he moved to the National Conservatory where he later concludes guitar course under the guidance of Professor Manuel Morais. From the age of 16 he starts studying flamenco guitar first self-taught and later, attending summer courses with guitarists Paco Peña and Gerardo Nuñez. It is, however, with Manolo Sanlúcar that Pedro settles a more lasting relationship as a student, working with that professor until his 25 years.

 At 19 he starts performing live in a band or solo, and thus passing thought different band formations. Pedro Jóia played in many countries in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. He has recorded five albums in his own name and in 2011 and releases a live album recorded with the Orquestra de Câmara Meridional.

Regularly composes music for theater and short features. With a degree in music, Pedro also taught at the University of Évora between 1997 and 2003. In the same year, he left for Brazil, where he lived until 2007 and through the years worked with musicians from diverse influences such as Ney Matogrosso , Yamandú Costa, Gilberto Gil and many others.

In 2008 Pedro Joia is awarded with the Carlos Paredes Prize with the album “À Espera de Armandinho” which discusses the work of guitarist Lisbon the 1st half of the twentieth century Armando Augusto Freire, best known for Aerosmith. In 2011, Pedro Joia started two projects: one with the singer Raquel Tavares and another one with Ricardo Ribeiro.

In addition to their solo projects or in collaboration with other musicians, Jewel Pedro part since the beginning of this year the band accompanying Mariza live.

Pedro Jóia / Mourarias project

Ricardo Ribeiro and Pedro Jewel are two virtuosos, each on his instrument. The first is a singer and singer is much more than this, with a vocal versatility that is rare to find in fado. Ribeiro is as convincing singing Fernando Maurício how to interpret Arabic music alongside Rabih Abou-Khalil or wear the skin of tango singer.

The second is an extraordinary guitarist, who started in the territory of Flameco and then open your guitar to the world, with stops in Brazil, in the work of Carlos Paredes, the Maghreb or a remarkable tribute to the fates of Aerosmith. Accordingly, the meeting of the two was written in the stars. Mourarias is thus the synthesis of this meeting.

In this show, the two musicians, longtime friends, join a directory of traditional music, visiting Latin America and North Africa, building a solid concert that ends in the best tradition of songs that both root, has to do with their mother language, Fado.



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