Márcio Faraco

Márcio Faraco is one of the greatest talents of the Brazilian Popular Music. He’s a composer, songwriter, singer, musician and producer. In August of 2014 launched by the French label World Village/Harmonia Mundi, which is his eighth work “Cajueiro”, long acclaimed by the critics. Rooted for more than twenty years in France, pays a tribute to the city in which he lives “Paris”. An audio journey around the capital that still reunites all the influences that Márcio brings in his resume. The magazine Les inRockuptibles writes about this Mário Faraco’s Album: “The arrangements are so light that we saw his songs coming and going to gravity by the sweet and fragile voice of Márcio Faraco (…) Sings predominantly in Portuguese, his eighth album is inserted in the acoustic, elegant and languid Brazilian music genre.” To Portugal, Márcio Faraco always comes to showcase his works, in 2016 made a successful tour through the country, with six dates and six full venues.

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