LST | Lisbon String Trio

LST – Lisboa String Trio is a Portuguese trio composed by José Peixoto (classical guitar), Bernardo Couto (Portuguese guitar) and Carlos Barretto (contrabass). José Peixoto – An amazing guitar player, José Peixoto was part of Portuguese group Madredeus. He also recorded in its own name, and played with major Portuguese artists such as Maria João, Mário Laginha, Carlos Bica, José Martins, José Mário Branco, Vitorino, Júlio Pereira, Pedro Caldeira Cabral or Rui Veloso. Bernardo Couto – He dazzles the public with his Portuguese Guitar. You can see him playing with fado singers such as António Zambujo, Cristina Branco, Carminho, Camané, and many others. Carlos Barretto – Is one of the great names of the Portuguese jazz scene, having played his contrabass with Bob Sands, or Bernardo Sassetti. With several projects, such as “Lokomotiv”, you can see him playing with several names of Portuguese contemporary music. These three artists have been together since 2013. They debuted their first record “Matéria” in 2014, winning the “Carlos Paredes” Award by Vila Franca de Xira’s Town Hall. In 2016, the trio released their second album “Lisboa” and presented it not only around the country, but also in international festivals. “Lisboa” was nominated to “Best Record – 2017 Authors” by the Portuguese Society of Authors. Among several concerts, their presence in festivals such as “Festival Internacional de Guitarra de Santo Tirso”, “Música de Leiria”, “Bons Sons” and “Festival F” are huge highlights, also mentioning their special performance at “Festival Música no Rio – Os Outros Sons Do Fluviário” that connected LST’s versatility with Cristina Branco’s voice sweetness. Last September 2018, the band performed three concerts integrated at “Sons no Património da Área Metropolitana do Porto”. LST – Lisboa String Trio also performed in countries such as Spain, Morocco and Tunisia The Portuguese trio will is now working on their new album. It is an amazing sound the one we find with LST – Lisboa String Trio. One that mingles Portuguese traditional music, with a jazzy feeling, and modern sounds that give a new meaning to the Portuguese soul.

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