LST | Lisbon String Trio

LST – Lisboa String Trio features: José Peixoto, Carlos Barretto and Bernardo Couto. The trio has a very specific motto: to seek a jazz made out of Lusitanian colours powered by the popular and traditional music of Portugal, enhancing Fado, Celtic and Mediterranean influences arising from our geographic location. José Peixoto is on the axis of this equation between jazz and the Portuguese way of being, once José has been working in both fields. If their compositions are influenced by a certain jazzy guitar playing way – Ralph Towner’s and John McLaughlin’s way – the way it plays the guitar follows the precepts of the Oud – the Arab Lute that is played as a melodic one and not as a harmonic instrument. Moreover, encompasses aspects, resonances, musical uses that cross the South of Portugal and Spain. On one side, it has Carlos Barretto, one of our most important jazz bass players, a solid bebop player but also able to extend to more open perspectives, and on the other side, Bernardo Couto, disciple of Pedro Caldeira Cabral and Ricardo Rocha who, like these ones, aims to lead the Portuguese guitar into the realm of chamber music. LST has 2 albums: Matéria from 2014 and Lisboa released in 2016. Lisboa (2016) embraces the portuguese guitar including songs from traditional Lisbon composers such as Jaime Santos, José Nunes, Domingos Camarinha, Casimiro Ramos, among others, in a tribute to the portuguese guitar and it´s classical themes, with LST identity. Lisboa gathers ancient heritage and new compositions which leads to an equilibrated and harmonious work. This album was nominated for Best Album of Authors Prize 2017 During the last year, the ensemble performed in some of the most important festivals at Portugal – International Guitar Festival of Santo Tirso, Music Festival of Leiria, International Music Festival of Marvão, Bons Sons Festival, Festival F. and the very special experience featuring the Fado singer Cristina Branco last summer at the Music Festival Mora.

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