Filipa Cardoso

Filipa Cardoso is currently considered “one of the most powerful voices of Fado” and “The authentic Lusitanian artistic soul”, having a contagious energy and presence on stage. The Fadista started singing professionally at a young age: with only 16 years, she was already performing in two Lisbon Fado clubs: “Taverna do Embuçado” under the invitation […]

Jp Simões

JP Simões was born in Coimbra in 1970. Even though JP has studied Journalism, Law, Communication, Script, Saxophone, Arabic Language and even has a Master Degree in Theory of Literary from the University of Lisbon, this artist has played mostly music since 1995, with the Pop dell’Arte, Belle Chase Hotel, Tati Quintet, (etc. ..) beyond […]

LST | Lisbon String Trio

LST – Lisboa String Trio is a Portuguese trio composed by José Peixoto (classical guitar), Bernardo Couto (Portuguese guitar) and Carlos Barretto (contrabass). José Peixoto – An amazing guitar player, José Peixoto was part of Portuguese group Madredeus. He also recorded in its own name, and played with major Portuguese artists such as Maria João, […]

Matilde Cid

Growing up in a family of musicians, Fado has always been present in Matilde Cid’s life and became her preferred musical genre. Matilde Cid’s voice, sweet and melodic, sings this typical Lisbon’s song in a very particular way, as a result of all the influences she had gained through her life. In these last 10 […]

Pedro Jóia

Began studying guitar at 7 with Professor Paulo Valente Pereira at Academia de Amadores de Música in Portugal. At 14 he moved to the National Conservatory where he later concludes guitar course under the guidance of Professor Manuel Morais. From the age of 16 he starts studying flamenco guitar first self-taught and later, attending summer […]


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