Jp Simões

    JP Simões was born in Coimbra in 1970. Even though JP has studied Journalism, Law, Communication, Script, Saxophone, Arabic Language and even has a Master Degree in Theory of Literary from the University of Lisbon, this artist has played mostly music since 1995, with the Pop dell’Arte, Belle Chase Hotel, Tati Quintet, (etc. ..) beyond […]


    “What I wish is to be musically honest, always following my artistic expression, wherever it takes me.”  “I feel like tomorrow is yesterday and today is the revelation of my free and restless spirit.” Ricardo Ribeiro Ricardo Paulo Alexandre Ribeiro was born in Lisbon on August 19, 1981. His primary education was held in different […]

    Jô Soares

    José Eugênio Soares, mais conhecido como Jô Soares ou simplesmente Jô, é um humorista, apresentador de televisão, escritor, artista plástico, dramaturgo, encenador, músico e ator brasileiro. Filho do empresário paraibano Orlando Soares e de Mercedes Leal, Jô queria ser diplomata quando criança. Estudou no Colégio São Bento do Rio de Janeiro e em Lausanne na […]


    Was born June 16, 1945 and is a Latin Grammy-winning Brazilian musician. He has been an active performer and songwriter of Brazilian popular music (MPB) and jazz for over 30 years. His first hit, “Madalena,” was recorded by Elis Regina in 1970. Beyond his own performance of his compositions, Simone is his most notable and respected interpreter, in the world. His 1989 hit song “Love Dance” is […]

    Márcio Faraco

    Márcio Faraco was born in Alegrete, a small town in southern Brazil. From the early age of seven, he came into contact with the varied cultures of his vast homeland thanks to the different postings, held by his father in the course of his job. This kind of enforced nomadic life meant that the young […]

    Carolina, the new voice of Fado Some say that Carolina is the missing voice in Fado. A voice that seems to enclose all of Fado´s history. A story that takes us in a never ending trip, from our national song early days, until present times, because Carolina reminds us the best of the old, inputting […]

    Maria Rita

    Cantora brasileira, Maria Rita é filha da cantora Elis Regina e do pianista César Camargo Mariano. Maria Rita inicia a sua carreira com cerca de 24 anos, apesar de querer cantar desde os quatorze. O peso do nome de Elis Regina, sua mãe, influenciou bastante o adiamento da sua entrega à música:” […]sempre tive a […]


    Talking about Elisa Rodrigues begins to be an unavoidable name of the Portuguese music. After the 2011 releasing of “Heart Mouth Dialogues” by JACC Records, a record that has been performed live in several venues, turning along with the pianist Júlio Resende, the spaces into nights of astonishment enveloped by her sweet and dramatic voice. […]

    Yamandu Costa

    Violonista e compositor nascido em Passo Fundo em 1980, Yamandu começou a estudar violão aos sete anos de idade com o pai Algacir Costa, líder do grupo “Os Fronteiriços”. Foi com Lúcio Yanel, virtuoso argentino radicado no Brasil com quem Yamadu Costa se aprimorou. Até os 15 anos, a sua única escola musical era a […]


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